Our Mission

Accelerate the development of the blockchain sector through traditional capital markets and create long-term shareholder value

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. is a growth oriented, TSX.V-listed company building a bridge from the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets. HIVE is strategically partnered with Genesis Mining Ltd. to build the next generation of blockchain infrastructure. HIVE owns state-of-the-art GPU-based digital currency mining facilities in Iceland and Sweden, which produce newly minted digital currencies like Ethereum continuously as well as cloud-based ASIC-based capacity which produces newly minted digital currencies like Bitcoin. Our deployments provide shareholders with exposure to the operating margins of digital currency mining as well as a growing portfolio of crypto-coins.


Olivier Roussy Newton

Founder, Director and Interim President

A visionary young technology leader and a co-founder of HIVE, Olivier advises Genesis Mining, the world's largest crypto miner, on new business initiatives. He is a partner at Latent Capital, an investment fund focused on quantum computing, financial technology and bioinformatics. Olivier's expertise in the blockchain space helps the HIVE board to navigate challenges and identify new opportunities.

Darcy Daubaras


Mr. Daubaras has over 20 years of experience in corporate accounting and public company service. Prior to joining HIVE, Darcy was a member of the executive team at FinancialCAD Corporation. Mr. Daubaras has previously served as the Chief Financial Officer for Canadian listed public companies as well as serving as the Director of Corporate Accounting with Mercer International. Darcy was awarded a CPA, CA designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia as well as being awarded a CPA designation in Illinois and has experience with Sarbanes-Oxley. He received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria.

Stephan Metz

Country Manager

Mr. Metz is an accomplished cross-border legal and tax expert, with experience in tax law. Prior to joining HIVE, Mr. Metz worked as a Senior Manager at PWC and assisting individuals relocate their businesses to Zug (planning residency and advising connected tax and legal topics). He has invaluable experience in a rapidly evolving digital currency ecosystem, including tax structuring for mining companies, digital currency funds and trading platforms. Mr. Metz’s experience and leadership adds additional expertise to the management team of HIVE and helps increase operational efficiency in both Europe and internationally.  


Frank Holmes

Interim Executive Chairman

Renowned global investor Frank Holmes leads the HIVE board of directors and is contributing to the company's vision and strategy. Frank is chief executive and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm. Frank is a sought after keynote speaker at international investment conferences and a regular guest in business media. His Frank Talk CEO Blog is one of the most widely read in finance.

Tobias Ebel


Tobias has more than 10 years of professional experience in the funds industry and is a specialist lawyer for legal, regulatory, tax, accounting, and structuring aspects of investment funds. For several years, Tobias has also been working in the cryptocurrency industry and has helped to solve legal and tax problems in cryptocurrency mining and investment activities. He is a Managing Partner at Logos Fund, a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment fund.

Marcus New


Marcus is the CEO of InvestX Capital Ltd, an online private equity and venture capital platform.  Prior to InvestX Marcus built a number of disruptive technology businesses in the capital markets including: CEO of Stockhouse Publishing, a leading financial community for affluent investors.  A data platform business that was licensed to dozens of brokerage firms, global institutional sales desks, and over 200 hedge funds. 


HIVE is the culmination of an exclusive partnership between Genesis Mining, the world’s largest cloud bitcoin mining company with over a million customers.

Green Energy

The Genesis partnership equips HIVE with the three key elements needed to power the future of blockchain computing.

About Genesis Mining

Founded in Hong Kong by early Bitcoin investors and mining pioneers, Genesis Mining Ltd. is the largest cryptocurrency miner and the largest cloud miner with over a million customers.

Their first large-scale Bitcoin mining facility was built in 2014 using custom hardware. This was followed up in 2016 with the construction of the world’s largest Ether mining facility — specifically built to support the Ethereum Project at an early stage of its development.

HIVE is a partnership between Genesis Mining and Fiore Group to accelerate the development of the blockchain sector through traditional capital markets and develop the leading listed blockchain infrastructure company.

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